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You can have Obama; we’ll take Obama Girl

Posted in Campus, Culture by Evan Lisull on 17 April 2009

Shot GlassesA proud day for Tucson as the UA cracks Playboy’s Top 10 party schools list:


The Zona school that traditionally gets the love is ASU, and though we think Tempe is a great place to spend a threeday weekend, four years are better spent at U of A in Tucson. Consider some of its party names: Natural Disaster, Heaven and Hell, Fubar, Jungle Party. Sounds wild. Leo, a senior, describes the biggest decision of his life thusly: “When I was applying to schools, it was between the University of Arizona and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Would I rather walk around in board shorts and sandals, looking at gorgeous girls in bikinis for eight months out of the year or shovel snow and freeze my nuts off in Boulder? I made the right decision.”

ASU, meanwhile, ranked far behind at 15th, although I suspect that was due in part to the addition of a “Brains” factor into the grading system. Or maybe it’s just all those wild block parties that our student government keeps throwing – you never know.

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  1. Jimi Alexander said, on 17 April 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Not as though Arizona scored particularly high on Brains either; only WVU was lower and yet managed to get into the Top 10.

    Then again, I think the fact that someone based their decision to go here on the delusion that they’ll see “gorgeous girls in bikinis for eight months” pretty much speaks for itself.

  2. Laura Donovan said, on 17 April 2009 at 11:50 pm

    Call me old fashioned, but getting chosen as a top party school isn’t something to be super proud of. Sorry to be a kill joy. The UA has so much more to offer and its all overshadowed by the party reputation.

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