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Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 29 April 2009

“I always think of public higher education as one of the last vestiges of socialism; or at least, that’s what we wish it were, as a country. We wish that higher education were socialist and that we could get every good and service without having to pay for it. We want counseling for kids. We want disabilityservices for kids. We get mandated by the federal government and by the state government to provide more and more and more services, and then they turn around and ask us why the costs are going up. They want to pay $8,000 a year, and for that $8,000 a year, they want a similar educational experience to the kind that a student gets at a private residential institution.”

-An unnamed university president, reflecting on “the sauna wars” in ‘The Iron Triangle‘ [PDF], a 2008 report on higher education from Public Agenda.

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