The Arizona Desert Lamp

The sun sets on the Bruce era

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 29 April 2009

SunsetEven for a man who has been punching in twenty-two hour days for the past two years, the next few days will be among the most frenetic that President Bruce has ever experienced. Today at 5 PM, the doors to the Last Smash Platinum Bash – the product of hundreds of interviews and years of work – will open. Tomorrow morning, at 9:30 AM, the Arizona Board of Regents will make the final decision on $1,100, a proposal strenuously resisted by ASUA. On Friday, the new president, vice presidents, and senators will be sworn in, and with that the two-year Bruce era will come to an end.

Assuming that expectations are met, I suspect that these few days will serve as a nice microcosm of Bruce’s tenure. Certainly, on aggregate things are much better than they were when the president was being charged with sexual assault; at the same time, this is not exactly the highest bar to pass. Certain aspects of ASUA have gotten worse – and the coming weeks and months are as good a time as any to reflect on the past two years, what they have meant for ASUA, and how the organization can become more worthy of its title as “your student government” in the coming years.


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