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Welfare Wednesday Fun Fact No. 7 – BIZARRO edition

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 6 May 2009

Services Fee Picture, InvertedThis is the last Welfare Wednesday of the semester, and in celebration of this heavily subsidized lunch, we’ll turn our usual formula on its head:

This past weekend, it was announced that ASUA lost $917,000 on its Last Smash Platinum Bash concert. With the money lost on this event, ASUA could have paid for $3 lunches on three new days – Tax-and-Spend Thursday, Food Stamp Friday, and Subsidy Saturday. What’s more, with the $167,000 leftover, they could have picked up the cost of the entire Collegiate Readership Progam ($152,228), and spent the rest on dinners with ex-Presidents.

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  1. sebastian blax said, on 6 May 2009 at 12:58 pm

    Excellent point. There are numerous ways UA could have blown that cash and at least with the case of free $3 meals, even though not all students would take up the school on the offer, at least all students who are funding the program would have a chance to partake.

    In the case of the concert, everyone paid up so 12000 people could pay extra for the show. Oh, and of course Bruce got his million-dollar line on his resume.

    I hope that guy gets tortilla’s off the stage at graduation.

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