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(Somewhat) New News Blog for the UA

Posted in Campus, Media by Evan Lisull on 16 May 2009

We like to think that we stay relatively on top of things in our area, but somehow this one flew under the radar. Sally Gradstudent is the pseudonym of a, well, grad student, blogging on higher education in the state. Two reasons why Sally is staying in our blogroll:

1. She comes at the issues from a completely different point of view. The impetus behind the Lamp was a desire to raise the level of the UA’s conversation of ideas, and Sally’s site – an unapologetic defender of the student protest point of view – goes a long way in furthering that goal.

2. She’s a grad student. This is kind of a subset of the first point. It’s sometimes hard for us as undergraduates to see things through the graduate’s eyes, who themselves are a curious beast in the jungle of the university. Stephen Bieda has been greatly helpful in this regard (and we hope that he continues to comment), but the more grad students we have talking directly to undergraduates, the better.

Sad to say, the blog will probably be quiet for a while, what with the school year being over. But if you plan on following UA-related news next year (or, like us, you’re still catching up from the past semester), Sally’s site is a staple in the UA news diet.

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