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ASUA Plum Book 2009-10

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 17 August 2009

Plum BookThe election got a good deal of coverage last semester, but often overlooked – in all levels of governance – is the authority vested to unelected officials. Appropriations Board decisions are rarely challenged by the Senate, and as a result this sort of Council has almost unilateral control over club funding. The Treasurer’s role has recently been expanded, and has as much de facto power as any of the other executives. And of course, the Elections Commissioner ended up playing quite the powerful role in last year’s election.

President Nagata emphasized transparency in his inaugural, and so far he’s off to a good start, having provided this site with a list of all appointed officials for the upcoming year. The list can be viewed as a Word document here, and can also be seen in entirety after the jump.

The federal government’s much longer Plum Book can be accessed here.

Some of our personal favorites:

-Former Senator and FCC-alum Jimmy Mackenzie will be leading the Freshman Class Council.

-Former Senator Kayla Patrick will be serving as Vice President Fritze’s chief of staff.

-Kenny Ho’s punishment for his performance as Election Commissioner? Appointment as a Club Advocate.

2009-2010 Staff

Full Time Staff

ASUA Associate Director

Chrissy Lieberman

ASUA Advisor

Claudia Davila

CSIL Advisor

Jen Hoefle

ASUA Grad Assistant

Aurelia Kollasch

Business Manager

Gail Tanner

Administrative Secretary

Becca Hull

Support System Analyst- Sr.

Khaled Sleiman

Legal Services Advisor

Susan Ferrell

2009-2010 Execs


Chris Nagata

Executive Vice President

Emily Fritze

Administrative Vice President

Gabby Ziccarelli


Clifton Harris

2009-2010 President’s Cabinet

Chief of Staff

Ashley Hyne

Academic Affairs Director

Sam Ellis

Arizona Students Association Directors

Nicole Pasteur

Billy Holmes

Elma Delic

Deputy Elections Commissioner

Michael Colletti

Diversity Executive Director

Ryan Klenke

Elections Commissioner

Justine Picitello

Marketing Executive Director

John Rushworth

Outreach & Development Director

Christine Pham

Safety Director

James Allen

Special Events Director

Caleb Wilson

ZonaZoo Executive Director

Raul Ponce

ZonaZoo Associate Director

Hersh Goel

ZonaZoo Programming Director

Christina Searby

ZonaZoo Media & Communications Director

Luke DeVogelaere

ZonaZoo Marketing Director

Conner Comp

ZonaZoo Community Development Director

Mitchell Horrillo

ZonaZoo Campus Outreach Director

Alison Coleman

ZonaZoo Crew

Amanda Camera

Seema Patel

Tess Calle

Carrie Hardesty

Brian Martinez

Andrew Rosenblum

Samantha Bass

Krista Udd

Madeline Rundin

Ben Gabrielson

Lisa Lane

Michael Ortega

Andrew Blaho

Courtney Collen

Derek Burr

Shane Swinnerton

Giuliano Lepe

Kate Clarke

Jacqueline Sherman

John Rushworth

Brian Swindell

Jason Mighdoll

Megan Flynn

Michael Israel

Glenn Musa

Morgan Ingram

Laura Freeman

Abel Serratos

Angela Richter

Rachelle Gavello

Ben Suber

Caitlin Wilenchick

Dominick San Angelo

Hannah Laskin

Cassandra Mele

2009-2010 Executive Cabinet

Chief of Staff

Kayla Patrick

2009-2010 Senate

Eduardo Atjian

Sarah Bratt:

James Brooks

Hillary Davidson

Tyler Quillin

Ryan Ruiz

Daniel Wallace

Stephan Wallace

Katherine Weingartner

Leo Yamaguchi


009-2010 Club Resource Center

Club Advocates

Kenny Ho

Taylor Hedberg

Jason Clairmont

Ellen Le

Kim Jewell

Appropriations Board

Mohamed Arif

Monica Monteilh

Steven Otero

Jane Farrar

Devin Dunatov

Lauren Stapp

Billy Day

Standards Board

James Allen

Jarrett Benkendorfer

Danielle Estrada

Brent Hanson

John Hasselberger

Megan Mignella

Caity Morrison

2009-2010 Programs & Services

Chief of Staff

Brett Ponton

A-Town Director

Geni Flagello

Bear Down Camp Director (2009)

Kenny Don

Community Development Director

Aysha Fuller

Family Weekend Director

Lauren Carter

Freshman Class Council Director

Jimmy Mackenzie

Katlin Simpson

Safe Ride Administrative Director

Scott Zimmerman

Safe Ride Operations Director

Jen Pagliughi

Student Health Advisory Committee Co-Directors

Maggie Saccomano

Lyandra Rodriguez

Sustainability Chair

Lesley Ash

Pride Alliance Director

Jai Smith

Wildcat Worldfair Director

Wildcat Worldfair Assistant

Women’s Resource Center

Malia Uhatafe

2009-2010 Spring Fling Directors

Executive Director  Lexy Keffeler

Corporate Director  Kristina Keffeler

Business Director  Richard Teran

Club Relations  Shandy Rivera

Field Operations  Doug Brelsford

Marketing   Chase Sutton

Public Relations  Megan Jones

Physical Resources Ely Self

Community Relations Deanna Mariner


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  1. Jimi Alexander said, on 20 August 2009 at 9:18 pm

    I see Kenny Ho took a pretty big demotion for his bungles last year. From chief election commissioner to club advocate…ouch.

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