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ASUA Senate Preview 2009

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 26 August 2009


In 2005, a swarm of giant jellyfish flooded Japanese waters, causing damage to the local fishing industry and baffling scientists. Four years later, students at the University of Arizona are about to be overrun by the new “Jellyfish Congress” (although hopefully it won’t do as much damage as the last one!), when the first meeting of the ASUA Senate takes place at 5 PM in the Ventana Room.

Last year’s Senate may have also earned the invertebrate epithet during their tenure, providing the executive branch with a squishy platform on which to step. But this year’s class has proved its spinelessness even before being called to order for the first time. Never mind that none of them thought that protecting students from future fees was worthwhile (and that one of them reneged on her pledge after reading another candidate’s letter to the editor – marking the only time in the course of human history that a letter to the editor has actually done something). Perhaps the combination of force and circumlocution overwhelmed them, although a reply back requesting clarification would have been nice. What was really astounding was the refusal by ten of the thirteen elected officials to take a basic survey on their policy stances, a simple indicator of where they stood on issues on campus. While President Nagata pledged in today’s letter that, “It is my priority to run an open and sincere organization that represents and cares about your issues,” he refused to answer a survey that solicited such openness on campus issues back in February.

Will there be any post-Bruce resistance to executive overreach? Will we hear a “nay” vote before the middle of September? Probably not, but you should go anyways. To brush up on your elected officials, be sure to read the dispatches from the executive and legislative debates, as well as the official campaign platforms at the Elections homepage.

Plus, a game! It’s not quite Battleshots, but ASUA Bingo will have to get you through until we finish our InBev-friendly version of Robert’s Rules.

ASUA Bingo

Image courtesy of Flickr user Thomas Hawk.

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