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Posted in Media, Technology by Connor Mendenhall on 1 September 2009
The price of walk-on fame in a Jay-Z video? Somewhere above $750,000

The price of walk-on fame in a Jay-Z video? Somewhere above $750,000.

Though we may be the best Twitter-ers on the University of Arizona campus, we at the Desert Lamp are certainly not the only ones. Social media are the latest technology to take the academy, treading the same trendy path as interactive clickers, online quizzes, and insipid PowerPoint presentations. New student groups, campus policymakers, and university offices start tweeting every day, and it can be tough to keep track of the chatter. So we’ve put together UA Tweets, a directory of UA-affiliated Twitter feeds that displays live updates from across campus on a single page.

For now, there are 56 feeds in the directory (see the following list for details), ranging from UAPD to the Mars rover to a handful of student senators. If you know of someone or some organization we missed, send their username along and we’ll ensure that it’s added to both the directory below and the live feed. And if you’d prefer to view updates on Twitter instead of over the web, simply follow @uatweets to get updates from all UA feeds at once.

Happy tweeting—and make sure you check out the 140-character blatherings of your student government leaders before they wise up and password-protect their accounts.

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  1. a.hill said, on 4 September 2009 at 2:04 am

    is that twitter screencap for freaking real?!

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