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Posted in Campus, Media by Evan Lisull on 9 September 2009

Columnist (and, in the name of disclosure, good friend) Dan Sotelo pens a column in today’s Wildcat on the Professariat Underground, going so far as to use the term ‘blogosphere’ in his title. Even crazier, it includes this line:

Some of the motivation for Evelyn B. Hall and other posters was the ousting of former Vice President for Instruction Juan R. Garcia last semester. As reported by the Arizona Daily Star’s Aaron Mackey and posted [link added – EML] on The Arizona Desert Lamp blog, Garcia was placed in charge of designing and coordinating a set of classes to be taught in Centennial Hall.

In internet-ese, this is known as a “hat tip” – an acknowledgment of the middle man that brought you to the site. This is generally considered proper Internet etiquette, a way of providing linkage where linkage is due; however, in a world where full article thrusts are lifted, and major newspapers have standing policies against citing blogs, it is nothing short of a miracle. While we can’t entirely sign off on the content of the piece (for reasons that more or less can be read here), it’s nice to see props being dropped on the other side of the media world.

PS: Readers interested in the UA Defender should also check out Sally Gradstudent, who has done similar work for almost a year now from a graduate student’s perspective.

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