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Document Dump: SSF Board Minutes

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 11 September 2009

Over the course of a few feverish days in April, this site was deluged with the release of the requests for Student Services Fee money, followed almost immediately by the allocation of those funds.

Now, thanks to the work of former member (and current EVP) Emily Fritze and SSFAB Chair Matthew Totlis, we have the minutes [DOC] from that meeting – putting the Board ahead of the Senate when it comes to the disclosure of meeting minutes. Although Mr. Totlis assured us in the comments that our information was accurate, it turns out that some of the final allocations were incorrect – we’ll be making corrections over the course of the weekend. The minutes also give further information on whether the funding was (A clarifying note: when $X are allocated for three years, it means that $X will be allocated each year for three years, rather than $X over the course of three years.)

Even if our obsessive coverage hasn’t piqued your interest, it’s worth reading, if just to see how a keg’s equivalent of your money is spent each year.


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