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Disani Water, Gaterrade, and $175,000 – The Kelly Clarkson contract

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 15 September 2009

Kelly Clarkson AlbumEven as ASUA attempts to erase the memory of That Event Whose Name Shall Not Be Said, the writers here at the Lamp still don’t feel that all of its questions have been answered (even if they probably never will). Shain did a great job of documenting demands for good-quality grape jelly and foldable toothbrushes, but the Lamp‘s got an incurable obsession with primary sources (thanks a lot, high school history). As a result, in our hands are the four contracts signed by the performing artists. As time permits, we’ll be scanning these and uploading them for public consumption.

First up is Kelly Clarkson, whose 18-page contract can be viewed here [PDF]. Unfortunately, the first page is a real pain to read – and the scan of the copy of a fax of scan is probably worse, so apologies for that. Some quick notes to clarify the patchy text:

– The contract was first signed on December 15, 2008, making Clarkson the first artist that the UA inked in. (Changes were made up until the finalized contract was signed on April 23, due in part to the addition of new artists and the subsequent changes in the show.)

– The original estimate (under section 4) for the concert promised the sale of 24,000 tickets, at flat ticket price of $29.75 (although a note at the bottom explains that, “Ticket prices range from $29.95 to $89.95,” these prices were not used to estimate gross ticket revenue). By the time of the Third Eye Blind contract (originally signed February 4, 2009), this model was quickly replaced with a tiered system to maximize revenue.

– The April 29 concert date – criticized by several in the aftermath of the event – was one of the few provisions that remained unchanged.

-Ms. Clarkson was guaranteed $175,000 for her services.

The rest of the document should be pretty easy reading, “Gatterade” and “Disani” aside. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but my personal favorite is this amendment to the UA’s rider:



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