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Cammoile Tea and CLEAN ice: The Third Eye Blind Contract

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 18 September 2009

Third Eye BlindNext up in the concert contract info-dump is Third Eye Blind, who first signed their contract [PDF] with the University on February 4th. Like Kelly Clarkson, the group received a flat guarantee, this time to the tune of $85,000. There are also mildly amusing typos and emphases, along with this ridiculous preamble to the band’s rider:

If certain items seem unreasonable to you, please realize that we don’t ask for what we don’t need. We hope to put on a kick A#$ show! Here’s to having breakfast ready and the phones in place first thing in the morning! We really look forward to bringing this tour to your city …


The contract itself indicates a sweeping change in the University’s attitude towards tickets, replacing the flat $29.95 ticket with a tiered model:

Sec Noice Section (VIP Experience Tickets): 394 tickets @ $150.75 per ticket.

VIP: 1,000 tickets @ $100.75

Reserved 1: 5,000 tickets @ $95.75

Reserved 2: 4,000 tickets @ $89.75

Reserved 3: 4,000 tickets @ $79.75

Reserved 4: 1,000 tickets @ $67.75

Reserved 5: 500 tickets @ $49.75

Reserved 6: 500 tickets @ $37.75

This estimate reduces the total tickets sold from 24,000 to 16,394, but almost exactly doubles the potential revenue from $714,000 to $1,428,395.50.

At this point, one has to wonder exactly what else the Last Smash team was looking for. It’s not quite Lollapalooza, but by February the organizers had inked Kelly Clarkson, a fairly solid headliner, and Third Eye Blind, a group with enough of a nostalgic niche to draw a solid crowd. A concert featuring these two artists, along with a few smaller scale artists appealing to the college set (MC Lars immediately comes to mind), is a big deal.

Such a concert, however, would not be so appealing at a $50 or more a ticket. (For comparison’s sake, here are some  ticket prices for upcoming shows at the Rialto: $20, Ghostface Killah; $35, Pitbull; $25, Colbie Caillat; $22-27, Hanson (!!!); $27, Sonic Youth. ) To justify such an expense, the stadium concert would need to have something bigger. Like Ahab seeking his whale, President Bruce – the driving force behind this project – needed this show to be something the UA would remember long after his tenure. Ironically enough, in this task he was more successful than he could have ever anticipated.


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