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Highly Recommended Reading: Alcohol Policy at Dartmouth

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 6 October 2009

DartmouthBeerPongShirtIn light of the UAPD data showing a strong proclivity towards excessive enforcement of alcohol laws, it’s great to see DartBlog – the first AFF Blogger competition winner – punch out a six-part series on liquor law enforcement at Dartmouth.

Part one shows how disproportionately Dartmouth students are dinged by local police, compared to their Ivy League brethren. Part two highlights the unseemly relations between Dartmouth security forces and Hanover police, while part three discusses the college’s perversion of the phrase “good samaritan.” Part four offers a simple remedy to mitigate some of these problems, part five offers the example of Middlebury college, and part six reminds administrators that “the better part of valor is discretion.” What’s more, the author hails from the class of 1979 – no self-justifying 20-year-old-drunk here.

Really, read the whole thing.

Image courtesy of the Dartmouth Co-Op.


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