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More truth in t-shirts: eco-chic edition

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 20 October 2009

American Apparel Sustainability Edition

In case you thought that the green expended on “green” expenditures was anything more than getting excited about eco-chic, allow Family Weekend Director Lauren Carter to correct you:

ASUA also searched for shirts that were made of environmentally friendly material, so they selected the American Apparel “sustainable edition” T-shirt with organic cotton. This was one splurge that they did make, but “you get what you pay for,” she said. The shirts cost a bit more to produce, but Carter said they will last longer because they are better quality than previous Family Weekend shirts.

Still, though, such a gesture might be inspiring to someone less skeptical/cynical. Perhaps another club on campus might want to go “green” – in all senses of that word – as ASUA. Well, that’s too bad – because according to club funding request regulations [doc]:

T-Shirt Funding

Nice little duopoly that they’ve set up, no doubt in order to “help” the students. Perhaps if ASUA itself was forced to hew to the same restrictions that they impose on others, we might have avoided a whole lot of trouble. (Then again, if the government possesses a monopoly on the legitimate use of force, perhaps it should also possess a monopoly on illegitimate hipsterdom.)


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