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Candidates: Sign the Student Fee Protection Pledge!

Dear 2009 ASUA candidates,

Congratulations on your successful nomination in the 2009 ASUA Elections. We wish you the best of luck in the coming months.

As you are no doubt aware, these are tough times for the University of Arizona students that you aim to serve. They have watched tuition rates climb sky high, taken the brunt of the cuts in funding from the state government, and watched the student job market melt into air.

In actuality, there is very little that ASUA can do to directly help UA students — no amount of dedication or awareness from our campus in Tucson can fix problems wrought on a global scale. Even controlling the ins-and-outs of the state government in Phoenix has proven to be beyond the student government’s control.

But there is one area where ASUA can influence the cost of college. On top of annual tuition increases, students have seen incidental student fees triple over the past four academic years: from $51.73 in fall 2005 to an estimated $151.50 next semester. The Student Services Fee, which was never actually approved by a student vote, is set to double from $20 to $40 next semester. The Recreation Center takes two different fees: one for bonds on its current renovation, and one that is adjusted for inflation (and thus continuously rising) for Recreation programs. The Dean of Libraries has called for the $30 portion of the Tech/Library Fee to rise to $180 per student per semester.

Outgoing ASUA President Tommy Bruce maintains that “every possible fee, every possible tuition increase, it’s all on the table as an option.” We respectfully disagree. We believe that student government officials serve the students first, and should work to avoid increasing their financial burden here at the UA. They need representatives who remember the students they serve, and who will protect them from the pernicious nickel-and-diming of student fees. Will you rise to the call?

If you have the courage to stand and oppose increases in student fees, please click here or visit [redacted]and sign the Pledge by entering your full name and the confirmation code [redacted]. We’ll put your name on our website, “,” so that UA students will know which candidates are on their side when it comes to the fight against student fees.  

If you have any questions regarding the Pledge, please feel free to contact us at this address. 



Evan Lisull and Connor Mendenhall

The Arizona Desert Lamp 


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