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Myths and Facts about the Student Fee Protection Pledge


One week has passed since you received a copy of the Student Fee Protection Pledge, which reads as follows:

I pledge to the students of the University of Arizona that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase student fees for the duration of my term in office.

We understand that you are busy laying the groundwork for your campaigns, but we still have yet to hear back from many of you. Some have expressed confusion over certain aspects of the pledge. In that spirit, here is a list of Myths and Facts about the Arizona Student Fee Protection Pledge:

Myth: If I sign the pledge, I won’t be able to support differential tuition.
Fact: The pledge only covers incidental student fees. We won’t put you in the Hall of Shame for supporting differential tuition or increases in general tuition–but we can’t guarantee that voters will like it!

Myth: If I sign the pledge, I have to oppose all fees.
Fact: The pledge obligates you only to oppose new fees and increases in fees that already exist, but not to oppose fees in general. You are still free to collect and spend revenue from existing student fees.

Myth: If I sign the pledge, I’ll have to cut current programs. Even worse, I won’t be able to increase spending or create new programs for UA students!
Fact: The pledge requires you to oppose funding new programs and spending with student fees, but not to oppose new spending altogether. There are many ways to fund student services outside of money collected from new student fees or fee increases, including revenue from the bookstore, profit from campus events, outside grants and donations, and even current fee revenue. In fact, the majority of ASUA’s budget comes from sources other than student fees!

Myth: If I sign the pledge and President Shelton imposes new fees, or a fee passes as a student ballot initiative, they’ll put me in the Hall of Shame!
Fact: Like we said in our original letter, there are limits to ASUA’s power. We won’t hold you responsible for something out of your control. Sometimes new fees can make it to the ballot without any say from student government. Our pledge obligates you only to oppose new fees and increases and vote against any that come before the Senate.

If you have any questions outside of these issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us at this email address. 

Evan Lisull and Connor Mendenhall
The Arizona Desert Lamp


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