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2009 Campus Policy Survey: Emily Fritze

Emily Fritze: (-15, +15)

Personal Issues Score: +15 Economic Issues Score: -15

Student government should:

Healthy Eating: Maintain current support for programs like the Student Health Advisory Committee.

Club Funding: Spend more on club funding only with grants or external funds, not student fee monies. Retain the Appropriations Board.

UAPD & Red Tag Program: Officially oppose the Dean of Students\UAPD Red Tag program. Take no stand on campus drug and alcohol enforcement.

Free Speech: Do nothing about offensive speech. Maintain current diversity training and social justice programs.

Spending: Maintain current spending on student services and programs.

Job Support: Maintain current support for student employment.

Concealed Weapons: Refer any position on concealed weapons on campus to a student referendum.

Elections Code: Relax restrictions on spending limits and campaign materials. Continue to ban parties.

Pride Alliance & WRC: “Spin off” both programs and maintain current funding.

Textbook Prices: Fight rising textbook prices by supporting stronger government regulation of the textbook market, and launching advocacy, awareness, and lobbying programs.

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