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Sometimes, too much paperwork is a good thing.

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 4 November 2009

Drowning In PaperWe might not be able to get the names of the Porkies (we’ll have to find other means for better quantifying the “friend endowment” effect), but thanks to the work of Board Chair Matthew Totlis, there’s plenty of information on how your Student Services Fee is serving you!

The twenty documents that follow below are divided into three parts. Most of them pertain to program alteration requests (PARs – welcome to Bureaucracy). These are submitted by fee-receiving divisions that wish to make changes to how that money is spent – reallocating to hire part-time staffers, transferring money to reflect changes in administrative responsibility, and so on. Included with these requests are the responses from the Board, expressing whether or not they support the alteration. (Dr. Melissa Vito, though, has the ultimate authority – it is the SSF Advisory Board.)

Insight into how these decisions were reached can be found in the “Advising Documents” section. These are effectively memos from the Board expressing their opinions on certain issues, and they date back to April 2009.

Finally, there’s more information on the Freshman Fee, including membership rolls,

There’s much more to say about these, but it’s worth including this bit from Mr. Totlis’ email:

For future years, the board will have 2-3 Fall meetings and 3 Spring so that ALL BOARD BUSINESS CAN BE OPEN. Because I sat the board so late this year I could not have had them trained in Parlipro [parliamentary procedure – EML] quick enough to effectively deliberate on the 3 pars we have seen in this session.

Good stuff. Even though the “age of transparency” may already be fading at ASUA, it’s good to see that the SSFAB is moving towards more genuine openness.

Program Alteration Requests (PARs) and Responses

PAR 10.001 DRC

RE PAR 10.001 DRC

PAR 10.002 DOS

RE PAR 10.002 DOS

PAR 10.003 DOS Heritage Months

RE PAR 10.003 Heritage Months

PAR 10.004 HPPS

RE PAR 10.004 CAPS to HPPS

PAR 10.005 WRC Program Director

RE PAR 10.005 WRC Director

PAR 10.005b WRC Program Director

RE PAR 10.005b WRC Director

Advising Memos from the SSFAB

Advice 9.001 Savvy Student

Advice 9.002 Allocations FY10

Advice 9.003 (PAR 10.001 DRC and PAR 10.002 DOS)

Advice 10.001 (PAR 10.003 and 10.004)

Advice 10.002 WRC

Freshman Fee

Freshman Fee Funding Request Form

Freshman Fee Committee Member Directory, 2009-10

Freshman Fee Funds, 2009-10


The Veronicas Contract

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 20 October 2009

Veronica_167Last and, well, probably least, we have the Veronicas. Their contract, worth $20,000, can be read here [PDF], and is the shortest of all the contracts.

There’s not a whole lot else to say, so here’s a heartwarming litigation story from Wikipedia:

However, some believe that Archie Comics character Veronica Lodge had some influence on the naming, including people at Archie Comics themselves, who launched legal action against the group for trademark infringement.[7] A settlement was reached that included a cross-promotion deal, including an appearance in an issue of their namesake Veronica’s comic book. The issue (#167) featured a card with a code allowing a free download of their single “4ever” in MP3 form. A few months later, Archie and Friends (#100) featured The Archies meeting The Veronicas. The next issue of Archie and Friends (#101) also featured The Veronicas, with Archie as their biggest fan. They also starred in one episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

The contracts for Kelly Clarkson, Third Eye Blind, and Jay-Z can be read at the respective links.

The Jay-Z Contract

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 15 October 2009

Jay-Z, hoodedWe’ve fallen off the contract-uploading bandwagon, but at long last here is the $750,000, flat-fee contract [PDF] for Jay-Z . The contract guaranteeing Jay-Z (represented by Live Nation) was finalized on March 24, and ASUA wasted no time in spreading the good news.

Some of you have probably already seen Jay-Z’s rider, some of which has been available at the Smoking Gun, and there’s really not much else outside of what has already been covered. One item of interest is that while the other three contracts were drawn up by the UA/ABOR, Live Nation authored this contract. Seeing how both parties have to agree on the final terms, this probably doesn’t make that much of a difference; at the same time, it does give a sense of who was in the driver’s seat during these negotiations.

Jay-Z might have cost us a pretty penny, but cheer up – our loss is America’s gain! Since Jay-Z had such a great time on the dime of your student government, he’s decided to share the love with college towns across the country:

Just in case Jay-Z wasn’t enough, hip-hop fans now have three more very good reasons to snatch up tickets for Hova’s tour this fall: N.E.R.D, Wale, and J. Cole, who have just been announced as supporting acts for the 24-date jaunt, kicking off October 9 in State College, PA!

10/9, State College, PA (Penn State/Bryce Jordan Center)
10/10, Cincinnati, OH (N Kentucky U/Bank of Kentucky Center)
10/13, Edmonton, AB (Rexall Place)
10/14, Calgary, AB (Pengrowth Saddledome)
10/15, Kelowna, BC (Prospera Place)
10/16, Vancouver, BC (General Motors Place)
10/17, Seattle, WA (KeyArena)
10/21, Ypsilanti, MI (Eastern Michigan U/Convocation Center)
10/23, Philadelphia, PA (Wachovia Center/Powerhouse)
10/24, Providence, RI (Dunkin Donuts Center)
10/25, Amherst, MA (U of Mass/Mullins Center)
10/27, Baltimore, MD (1st Mariner Arena)
10/28, Columbus, OH (Ohio State/Value City Arena the Schottenstein Center)
10/29, London, ON (John Labatt Centre)
10/30, Montreal, QC (Bell Centre)
10/31, Toronto, ON (Air Canada Centre)
11/1, Ottawa, ON (Scotiabank Place)
11/7, Fresno, CA (Fresno State/Save Mart Center)
11/12, Champaign, IL (University of Illinois/Assembly Hall)
11/19, Albuquerque, NM (Tingley Coliseum)
11/20, El Paso, TX (U of Texas at El Paso/Don Haskins Ctr)
11/21, Lubbock, TX (United Spirit Arena)
11/22, Austin, TX (U of Texas at Austin/Frank Erwin Center)

Cammoile Tea and CLEAN ice: The Third Eye Blind Contract

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 18 September 2009

Third Eye BlindNext up in the concert contract info-dump is Third Eye Blind, who first signed their contract [PDF] with the University on February 4th. Like Kelly Clarkson, the group received a flat guarantee, this time to the tune of $85,000. There are also mildly amusing typos and emphases, along with this ridiculous preamble to the band’s rider:

If certain items seem unreasonable to you, please realize that we don’t ask for what we don’t need. We hope to put on a kick A#$ show! Here’s to having breakfast ready and the phones in place first thing in the morning! We really look forward to bringing this tour to your city …


The contract itself indicates a sweeping change in the University’s attitude towards tickets, replacing the flat $29.95 ticket with a tiered model:

Sec Noice Section (VIP Experience Tickets): 394 tickets @ $150.75 per ticket.

VIP: 1,000 tickets @ $100.75

Reserved 1: 5,000 tickets @ $95.75

Reserved 2: 4,000 tickets @ $89.75

Reserved 3: 4,000 tickets @ $79.75

Reserved 4: 1,000 tickets @ $67.75

Reserved 5: 500 tickets @ $49.75

Reserved 6: 500 tickets @ $37.75

This estimate reduces the total tickets sold from 24,000 to 16,394, but almost exactly doubles the potential revenue from $714,000 to $1,428,395.50.

At this point, one has to wonder exactly what else the Last Smash team was looking for. It’s not quite Lollapalooza, but by February the organizers had inked Kelly Clarkson, a fairly solid headliner, and Third Eye Blind, a group with enough of a nostalgic niche to draw a solid crowd. A concert featuring these two artists, along with a few smaller scale artists appealing to the college set (MC Lars immediately comes to mind), is a big deal.

Such a concert, however, would not be so appealing at a $50 or more a ticket. (For comparison’s sake, here are some  ticket prices for upcoming shows at the Rialto: $20, Ghostface Killah; $35, Pitbull; $25, Colbie Caillat; $22-27, Hanson (!!!); $27, Sonic Youth. ) To justify such an expense, the stadium concert would need to have something bigger. Like Ahab seeking his whale, President Bruce – the driving force behind this project – needed this show to be something the UA would remember long after his tenure. Ironically enough, in this task he was more successful than he could have ever anticipated.

Disani Water, Gaterrade, and $175,000 – The Kelly Clarkson contract

Posted in Campus by Evan Lisull on 15 September 2009

Kelly Clarkson AlbumEven as ASUA attempts to erase the memory of That Event Whose Name Shall Not Be Said, the writers here at the Lamp still don’t feel that all of its questions have been answered (even if they probably never will). Shain did a great job of documenting demands for good-quality grape jelly and foldable toothbrushes, but the Lamp‘s got an incurable obsession with primary sources (thanks a lot, high school history). As a result, in our hands are the four contracts signed by the performing artists. As time permits, we’ll be scanning these and uploading them for public consumption.

First up is Kelly Clarkson, whose 18-page contract can be viewed here [PDF]. Unfortunately, the first page is a real pain to read – and the scan of the copy of a fax of scan is probably worse, so apologies for that. Some quick notes to clarify the patchy text:

– The contract was first signed on December 15, 2008, making Clarkson the first artist that the UA inked in. (Changes were made up until the finalized contract was signed on April 23, due in part to the addition of new artists and the subsequent changes in the show.)

– The original estimate (under section 4) for the concert promised the sale of 24,000 tickets, at flat ticket price of $29.75 (although a note at the bottom explains that, “Ticket prices range from $29.95 to $89.95,” these prices were not used to estimate gross ticket revenue). By the time of the Third Eye Blind contract (originally signed February 4, 2009), this model was quickly replaced with a tiered system to maximize revenue.

– The April 29 concert date – criticized by several in the aftermath of the event – was one of the few provisions that remained unchanged.

-Ms. Clarkson was guaranteed $175,000 for her services.

The rest of the document should be pretty easy reading, “Gatterade” and “Disani” aside. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but my personal favorite is this amendment to the UA’s rider:


Document Dump: SSF Board Minutes

Posted in Campus, Politics by Evan Lisull on 11 September 2009

Over the course of a few feverish days in April, this site was deluged with the release of the requests for Student Services Fee money, followed almost immediately by the allocation of those funds.

Now, thanks to the work of former member (and current EVP) Emily Fritze and SSFAB Chair Matthew Totlis, we have the minutes [DOC] from that meeting – putting the Board ahead of the Senate when it comes to the disclosure of meeting minutes. Although Mr. Totlis assured us in the comments that our information was accurate, it turns out that some of the final allocations were incorrect – we’ll be making corrections over the course of the weekend. The minutes also give further information on whether the funding was (A clarifying note: when $X are allocated for three years, it means that $X will be allocated each year for three years, rather than $X over the course of three years.)

Even if our obsessive coverage hasn’t piqued your interest, it’s worth reading, if just to see how a keg’s equivalent of your money is spent each year.